2010 Junior Order of Merit

 Top 10 Gross Order of Merit - Final Result

Position Name Points
1 Rob Owens 3500
2 Daniel Lane 1600
3 Cameron Koolhoven 1200
4 Toby Inskip 975
5 Alice Young 950
6 Jay Underwood 825
7 Harry Fitzpatrick 550
8 Bruce Fitzpatrick 525
9= Matt Bolshaw 300
9= Ben Whidborne 300
9= Adam Newbold 300

You can download a full list of the gross order of merit scores by clicking here.

Top 10 Nett Order of Merit - Final Result

Position Name Points
1 Luke Northwood 1600
2 Jay Underwood 1550
3 Rob Owens 1500
4 Jimmy Bull 1200
5= Matt Bull 775
5= Cameron Koolhoven 775
7 Luke Hawkins 575
8= Stuart Budd 500
8= Harry Moffatt 500
10 Daniel Lane 475

You can download a full list of the nett order of merit scores by clicking here.



Points will be awarded for both gross and nett scores to all juniors competing in qualifying junior competitions as follows :-

Position Gross Score Nett Score
1st 300 300
2nd 250 250
3rd 200 200
4th 150 150
5th 100 100
6th 50 50

All junior stroke play competitions, shown in the table below, will count towards the Order of Merit. 

Date Competition Date Competition
02/04/10 Easter Cup 02/08/10 Club Championship - 1st Rd
18/04/10 Professional's Trophy 02/08/10 Club Championship - 2nd Rd
16/05/10 Committee Trophy 09/08/10 EGGS Trophy
03/06/10 Jamie Elson Trophy 16/08/10 President's Putter
25/07/10 Jubilee Trophy 27/08/10 KGC Junior Open
01/08/10 Dudley Taylor Medal 19/09/10 September Medal

For the purposes of the KGC Junior Order of Merit the points awarded for the Kenilworth Junior Open will be doubled.

Warwickshire Union of Golf Clubs - Junior Order of Merit

All KGC juniors are automatically registered for the WUGC JOM at the start of the season.

The scores for those events in bold type in the second table above will be used to award points for Kenilworth juniors taking part in the Warwickshire Union Junior Order of Merit in accordance with the first table above.  The WUGC JOM will be updated monthly for points earned in qualifying club competitions, points earned from county events and junior opens are administered centrally by WUGC officials and not by the club. 

In 2010, a set of bonus points will again be awarded by the club for WUGC JOM purposes only.  It has been decided that these will be awarded to players with the best individual record in the South Warwickshire League this season.  Bonus points will be awarded as follows -

Position Points
1st 900
2nd 700
3rd 500
4th 300
5th 100

You can view the WUGC - JOM Order of Merit by clicking here.

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