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Kenilworth: The course is open. trolleys and ride on buggies allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Club Member Information

This page provides access to various forms of information about the club - the club members, club activities and other items of interest to the members.

Golfing and social activities within the club are available at 2 levels - those organised for the club membership as a whole and those organised for specific sections of the membership.

For social activities available to all members see the Social Programme

For information specific for the individual sections click on the appropriate link : Men   Ladies   Seniors   Juniors

For membership contact details use the My Golf : Directory option on the header bar.

For information about chuck-ins organised for members click here.   Note that these chuck-ins are informal and are organised by groups of members amongst themselves.  As such they are prone to change from time to time.

The Club's head professional is Adam Gray with Richard Glenn and Rory Kirwan adding their talents to the benefit of the club members.  For more information about facilities available or to go to Adam's web site click on the appropriate link below.  

  Pro Shop ,   Professional Coaching,   Custom FittingAdam Gray web site .

Since 2010 HS2 has been of significant interest to Kenilworth Golf Club members and officers of the club have been in discussions and negotiations on behalf of the club members.  Although the situation has now been stable for a couple of years we are still monitoring the situation.  For information about the history of these discussions click here .

For information about the Club History click here .

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