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Friday 19th August 2022

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Kenilworth: The Course is OPEN Trolleys, 1 and 2 seater buggies are permitted. Updated: 1st Jun 2022

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Par 3 Course: Course Open Updated: 25th Feb 2022

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Generation Plate Greensome Stableford (any combination)

Sunday 4th September 2022 - Kenilworth Main Course,
Men play from Yellow Tees
Ladies play from Red Tees


Generation Plate




Greensome Stableford - Yellow and Red Tees

Playing Handicap:

60% Lowest Course Handicap + 40% Highest Course Handicap +50% of Course Allowance. 
Pairs with both Men: Play off Men's Card and Stroke Indices
Pairs with both Ladies : Play off Ladies Card using Ladies Par and Stroke Indices
Pairs with One Lady : Play off Men's Card.
Ladies receive 1 shot allowance.

Entry Fee:

7 Day Members: £6 per pair; 7 Day Member plus visitor £15 per pair. 

Sign up must be completed by 7 day member.   



Entry Requirements:

Team must be made up of two related family members (including step/half/in law relatives etc) one or more generations apart. A visitor may play with a Kenilworth member provided they have an active WHS handicap.

5 Day members may play as a visitor of a 7 day member.  


Generation Plate presented to the overall winning team.

Prizes for Winner and Runner Up best nett scores.

To win prizes entrants must have submitted 3 acceptable scores in the past 12 months at the date of the competition

Entry Opens:

9:00am on 15th August;

Entry Closes: 9.30am 2nd September
History: Trophy presented by Alan and Adel Pulham

The contact for this competition is Ian Griffiths (07967 482969)
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