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Kenilworth: 23/01/22 The Course is Open, Trolleys and 1 seater buggies are allowed but 2 seater buggies are not permitted. The 11th hole has been shortened so please follow ropes to tee markers and please follow ropes around course where possible. Thank you
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Captains' Charities 2021-2022

Birmingham Childrens Hospital Charity  & Young People First

Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity’s mission is to raise the vital funds needed to make a real difference to all who use the hospital’s services, offering them the best experience possible.

Fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on a child's recovery, which is why play is central to everyday life at the hospital. Children who are happy and relaxed tend to cope better with their treatment and recover a lot quicker than those who are more anxious.

Each ward has its own dedicated play space and the BCH play team brings music, art, games and stories to all children, providing a diversion from difficult, uncomfortable or upsetting situations. These sessions help to encourage communication and movement, allowing patients to share their thoughts and confront their fears, as well as breaking up the routine of long hospital days.

Birmingham Childrens Hospital Charity -

Young People First is a registered charity that provides positive activities and offers one-to-one support to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people living in Warwickshire and Coventry. Typically, a person without work, education or training costs the state £65,000 per annum. Their aim is to catch young people before they fall by helping to give them confidence, resilience and the necessary life skills they need to succeed in life.

Young People First work in collaboration with schools, faith groups, voluntary organisations, childrens’ services and police; sharing information and best practices to help create a safer community for young people and ensure that young people access the best possible service.

Young People First -

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