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Thursday 25th April 2024

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Kenilworth: Course open on 18 holes for carrying and trolleys only: Holes 1-14 for single seat buggies Updated: 25th Apr 2024

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Par 3 Course: Course Open Updated: 8th Nov 2022

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

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The Course

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Par 3 Course

Kenilworth is fortunate to have a six hole par 3 course which provides opportunities for new players to learn the game and practice away from the rigours of the full course and is a great facility for experienced players to sharpen up their short game.

The first and last holes of the par 3 course are situated between the putting green and the tenth hole of the full course, with the first tee to the left of the warm up nets as you walk out past the putting green. The other holes are to the left of the club house (looking out at the course) between the ninth hole, Crewe Lane and the club house.

For members, access to the Par 3 course is free. A special membership of the club providing playing access to just the Par 3 course is available. Visitors can play the Par 3 course for £5.

Score cards are available in the Pro Shop.

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Practice Facilities

Adjacent to the clubhouse is a putting green and there are two warm up nets available just past the Academy entrance.

There is a driving range adjacent to the third hole and the fourth tee.  Access for cars is along Crewe Lane - about a quarter of a mile after the club entrance if driving from the Kenilworth end of the lane, where there is a small car park.  There are some covered bays which must be used if practising with a driver or wood so that balls are hit away from the A46.

There is a short game practice area between the club house and the first tee.  A practice green for chipping is available with two bunkers.  If using the bunkers please be aware of other players practising around the green. 

The club also has a six hole par 3 course which is an excellent facility for short game practice.  However, those using this facility should be aware that it should be played as a course.  We ask that players do not just use the holes adjacent to the club house as a warm up area.


There are two commentaries for the flyover video.

For Head Professional Adam Gray's commentary

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Alternatively to hear two right handed male golfers playing off handicaps of 10 and 18 discuss how they would play Kenilworth Golf Course with a right handed lady with a higher handicap. The 10 handicapper speaks first.

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Course Gallery

Nature & Conservation

Balancing the needs of golfers and those of wild life is a key objective in the Club’s Conservation Policy and this is reflected in the way the course is managed on a day to day basis.

Whilst clearing ditches, hedging, mowing and tree clearing may appear to be pretty unfriendly to wild-life they are important course management activities that are carefully timed to cause minimum disturbance to wild life. In 2013 the Club created seventeen “set aside” areas on the course that for the most part will remain undisturbed and will therefore provide protection and food sources for wild life. Details of “set aside areas” are incorporated into the Conservation Policy.

Our Golfer's Guides are a collection of guides produced by members with the aim of informing and creating interest in the wide range of wild life that we have on the course.  The authors hope the guides will help to make even the worst round of golf a little more interesting and pleasurable.

Nature and Wild life, produced by John Butler is a hole by hole guide to the wild life that has been seen on the course.

Wild Flowers, produced by Barbara Everett is a collection of 120 photographs of wild flowers photographed on the course in 2013.

Flying Insects, produced by Barbara and Mike Everett is a collection of stunning photographs of insects and butterflies all seen while Mike and Barbara were collecting wild flower photos.

A Golfer's Guide to Trees, produced by Mike Hastings provides a pictorial account of the trees that golfers will either see or perhaps come into contact with during a round of golf at Kenilworth Golf Club.

Note: Each of the guides can be viewed on-line by clicking on the appropriate title. Downloading may take a few minutes due to the file size. Once downloaded you may save the file to your own computer for quick access in future. Paper copies of each of the guides are available to view in the Club Bar

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