Kenilworth Golf Club

Course Status

Kenilworth: The course is open. trolleys and ride on buggies allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

Current Events

Virtual Valentines Music Night with Lincoln Noel

Monday 15th February 2021


£19381 for Zoe's Place !

Friday 28th August 2020


July Draw for 51 Club

Friday 31st July 2020


Mayor Richard Dickson visits Kenilworth Golf Club

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Kenilworth Golf Club - Open Again

Monday 18th May 2020


51 Club Draw April 2020

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Vice Captains 2020/21

Friday 8th November 2019


Luke Northwood - Warwickshire Champion of Champions

Tuesday 5th November 2019


3 out of 4 yields £200 for Tim Bull

Friday 25th October 2019


Llandrindod Wells visit to Kenilworth

Tuesday 17th September 2019


General Play Scores

General Play scores are the new WHS name for what was refered to as Supplementary Scores under the CONGU handicap system.

Like supplementary scores these must be pre-registered before they are played. It is not possible to play a good round and then decide to submit that score for handicap purposes. 

General Play scores should be registered with at the Proshop prior to playing and the reference number written on your scorecard.   

General Play scores for men should be played from the Yellow Distance Marker Posts (DMP) rather than the tees so that it is know that the score is recorded over a measured course.  Ladies should play from the Red ees.

If the General Play score is submitted in the winter month, then the round should be played from the Green DMPs.

Scores can be returned to the committee by using the igMember App and uploading a picture of the scorecard.  

General Play Scores are entered in the igMember app by selecting the Handipcap Record section of the app and then selecting  the small white square in the upper righthand corner. Also see the link to a supporting video and jump to  General Play Scoring

If you are not able to upload your score via the igMember App please email a photograph of the card  to .

All scores should be returned on the day they are played.  

Cov19 Adjustments

Due to the Cov19 pandemic the requriement for the signature of a scorecard by more than one person has been relaxed.  The minimum requirement is that the player submitting the General Play Score records their markers name and handicap on the card, seeks verbal confirmation from their marker that the gross score for each hole is correct and then the signs their own card.  The player submitting the score should record their details and score as Player A.

In order for the marker to be able to verify that the gross scores are correct the marker will have to maintain a card during the round. The marker should retain this card for verification by the Match and Comps team if required.

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