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Kenilworth: The course is open. Trolleys and single seater ride on buggies allowed. Two seater buggies are NOT allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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General Play Scores

General Play scores are the new WHS name for what was refered to as Supplementary Scores under the CONGU handicap system.

Like supplementary scores these must be pre-registered before they are played. It is not possible to play a good round and then decide to submit that score for handicap purposes. 

General Play scores must be registered at the Proshop prior to playing and the reference number written on your scorecard.   

General Play scores for men should be played from the Yellow Distance Measuring Posts (DMP) rather than the tees so that it is know that the score is recorded over a measured course.  Ladies should play from the Red DMPs.

If the General Play score is submitted in the winter month, then Men should play their round from the Green DMPs. 

Please ensure that your scorecard includes the following information:

Date, Players Name (as Player A), Players Course Handicap, Markers Name, Markers Course Handcap, course played (yellow or red), Gross Scores per hole, Marker and Player signatures.  Please total gross score/points to aid reconcilliation of entry.  Check out the score card examples

Return of Scores via igMember App

Scores can be returned to the committee by using the igMember App and uploading a picture of the scorecard.  

General Play Scores are entered in the igMember app by selecting the Handicap Record section of the app and then selecting  the small white square in the upper righthand corner.  

Prior to playing your round please complete the registration process within the igMember app by selecting the course, tees and format (stableford is recommended).

Once you have completed you round, enter your scores and upload a picture of your score card.

Note: Scores can only be entered via the app within a few Km of the clubhouse.

For further information watch the IG supporting video and jump to  General Play Scoring

Return of Scores via the Club House Terminal

In order to return a score via the club house terminal you must register your round on the terminal in the pro-shop  before your round.  Scores can not be entered until about 90 minutes after registration.

Log in and select General Play, and then select tees and format that you are playing. When you return to the club house log in, select General Play and then enter your score. 

Scorecards should be posted in the General Play box in the locker room not in the box adjacent to the terminal.


  • All scores should be entered by one of the above means on the day of play.

  • If you register via the terminal you must enter your score via the terminal. if you register via the app you must return your score via the app.

If you are not able to return your score via either of the above please email a photograph of the card  to

General Play Scores at an Away Club

Under WHS it is possible to return an General Play score when playing at another club. The best way to do this is by using the England Golf app. In order to ensure that you comply with Rule 2 of the WHS Rules of handicapping you must:

  • Declare your intent to submit a score via the England Golf app, or via the relevant process defined at the club where the round will be played.
  • Be in the company of at least one other person, who can act as a marker (subject to satisfying other Rules of Golf requirements).
  • Always follow the Rules of Golf.
  • Play over a tee set with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating, where length and normal playing difficulty is maintained and consistent.
  • Play an authorised individual format over a minimum  number of holes. 

If you do not use the England Golf app you should be able enter the score manually at the club where you played your round using your CDH number as a reference.  In the event that you return the score card to the KGC M&C Committee you must be able to demonstrate that you have complied with the above before the score will be accepted.

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