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Kenilworth: Course Open. Trolleys and Ride on buggies permitted.

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Ladies Fashion Show

Tuesday 10th October 2017


Ladies Warwickshire Inter-League Runners Up

Friday 29th September 2017


Joyce Nichol Trophy Winner - Sue Draper

Wednesday 20th September 2017


Inter Club Team Championships

Wednesday 6th September 2017


Mixed Match & Shaun leaving

Wednesday 6th September 2017


Free Draw Night Winner!

Tuesday 29th August 2017


Ladies' Phelps Bowl Winner

Tuesday 8th August 2017


England Golf Captains finalist!

Monday 17th July 2017


Ladies Presidents Day

Monday 17th July 2017


The Captains' Gala Night

Sunday 25th June 2017


St Patrick's Day Lunch

Once again the St Patrick's Day lunch proved to be a most enjoyable occasion and one for which the adjective "excellent" needs to be used repetitively.  Excellent food with excellent service in the presence of excellent companions were the prequel to the excellent entertainment that was to follow.

The regular trio - described on the programme as the "Richard Gissane duo" despite the presence of the 3 singers / musicians - were superb once again and hopefully Patrick has them locked in to a contract for this event until 2050 - or at least until the Apocalypse.

Richard, Billy and Mossy


With Richard on the keyboard, Mossy playing the guitar and whistle and Billy as the lead singer the music and laughter flowed.  Billy told us the same joke as he told us last year - and for all I know all the previous years too - my memory is limited to one year - but it still raised a smile.  An Irishman out fishing decided to finish early so he sent his wife a text...  Well - you must have heard it before.


Patrick told us that he would compere the afternoon with a light touch and indeed he did - interrupting the musicians from time to time for a spot of Irish craic.


During one such interruption he told us that Stuart - our clubhouse manager - has now been with us for 10 years so Stuart was dragged away from his till for a thank you, a congratulatory pat on the back and a round of applause.

Patrick compering with a light touch Patrick congratulating Stuart


During another interruption we were regaled with Patrick's reminiscences about Donnelly sausages which somehow led into a recitation about some gold prospectors - the moral of which seemed to be that "tis the steady quiet ones who win the lifelong race".


Captain Charles Leggitt took the opportunity to thank Patrick on behalf of those present for the work he had done in organising the event.  This was echoed by the gathered revellers with much enthusiasm.


There was dancing - Breda showing us proper Irish dancing - being joined by Lynda with a Welsh translation of the same.  Captain Lesley Cheslin helped to keep the jig running and Richard Joyce joined in too. See pictures below.


As the tradition goes, members of Kenilworth Golf Club also had a sing.  Lynda sang about someone's folorum - but the description of her song has been censored to avoid having to change the club website to a "Parental Guidance" site. Liam Sproul, Derrick Richardson, Malcolm Kelly and Johnny Carlin all added to the musical entertainment before Patrick handed the floor back to the trio for the finale.

 Mossy gave us a rendition of Danny Boy on his whistle before Billy led a reprise of the Wild Rover to end the day with dancing.

Thanks again to Patrick, to Richard, Billy and Mossy, to Stuart and his team for an excellent occasion.

Breda began the dancing  Lynda joined in
Lesley returning from the dance floor Charles enjoying an Irish Liqueur
Patrick and Eve dancing with style Richard and Lynda dancing with enthusiasm
Lynda singing with or about folorum Gill & Jim Barr
Liam leaving the floor to rapturous applause Derrick Richardson - smooth songs on Sunday
Malcolm Kelly in Satchmode Johnny Carlin - rowing up the river
Mossy whistling Danny Boy Dancing to the Wild Rover
 It's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from them

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