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The Captains' Drive In - As it happened

Sunday 14th April 2019


President Ann's Penultimate Fling

Sunday 7th April 2019


£1000 going, going GONE

Monday 1st April 2019


Ladies Winter Greensomes Match Play Final

Wednesday 20th March 2019


Mayors Charity Golf Day 2019

Tuesday 12th March 2019


51 Club Winner - Ron Guest

Friday 22nd February 2019


Valentines Dinner

Sunday 17th February 2019


Geoff Miller OBE

Thursday 17th January 2019


A Happy New Year with the Motown Devotions

Tuesday 1st January 2019


Dennis Mitchell Texas Scramble 2018

Saturday 29th December 2018


The Captains' Gala Evening

Arriving at the Captains' Gala Evening the guests were met by a vision in black leather with glowing flamingo pink tights.  Behind the 60s shades was Captain Maggie - waiting at the top of the barroom steps to greet the guests and welcome them to what was to be a great evening.  The bar was humming with excitement - the dress code of smart casual being ignored by many of the ladies who were dressed exceedingly smartly in their colourful, fashionable and elegant summer frocks.

The meal was served as a buffet and proved to be delicious - so congratulations to the chefs for their preparation and to the staff who helped to serve it.  Whilst the meal was in progress many of the guests spent their time trying to identify the faces on the Sergeant Pepper's album sleeve.  Did anybody recognise Sri Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Paramahansa Yogananda or Albert Stubbins (to name just a few of the exotic individuals on display)?

It was a beautiful summer evening so the guests were able to sit out on the patio for a few moments of rest when they wanted or just relax in the bar. Also during the evening Chris introduced 2 of our members (Iain Wallace and Ash Saiyai) who, with 1 of our Pros (Richard Glenn) had spent the day on the course playing 72 holes of golf to raise money for Macmillan Nurses.  That is the subject of another News Article.

After the meal Master of Ceremonies Liz Clarke (Mistress of Ceremonies?) announced the entertainment for the evening - the Vox Beatles.  Clearly they were a great choice as everybody seemed to love the music and sing along with the words - dredged from their memories of 50 years ago.  Aah those wonderful days of our youth!  But not just those who grew up with John, Paul, George and Ringo. As was pointed out by our boyish Vice Captain Malcolm - too young to remember the originals - everyone knows the music of the Beatles.

Memories were brought back.  The ladies took to the floor to dance - leaving the men to sit with their beer and wine - but it wasn't long before they were persuaded to join in the dancing. A fine example was set by our Captain Chris.  I could have been a rich man if I'd accepted his offer of financial remuneration but I decided to do the honourable thing and publish the photo of him leading the way on the dance floor.  I was sure our members would be full of admiration for his selfless devotion to his job.

Two sets were played by the excellent group covering a lot of the Beatles' memorable music and producing a very authentic sound with both music and voice.  It was noted that "A Hard Day's Night" just doesn't seem the same since last year's Captain performed it for the Christmas Review.  The evening drew towards a close with Let It Be but the final song brought everyone's feet to the dance floor and hands to the ceiling with Hey Jude.

A vision in black leather and flamingo pink tights greeted the guests
The ladies danced round their handbags While the men chatted
The men were persuaded to join in - lead by the Captains
Some members took a breather on the patio Others chose to prop up the bar whilst having a chat
The Vox Beatles in their Beatles Jackets for their second set
Hey Jude - led by Captain Maggie Several minutes later - Still Heying Jude

It took a while but the modern day rendition of Hey Jude finally came to a conclusive end without having to  g  r  a  d  u  a  l  l  y       f      a      d      e                       a          w                 a                      y.

A truly memorable evening.

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