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Mayor Richard Dickson visits Kenilworth Golf Club

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Kenilworth Golf Club - Open Again

Monday 18th May 2020


51 Club Draw April 2020

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Vice Captains 2020/21

Friday 8th November 2019


Luke Northwood - Warwickshire Champion of Champions

Tuesday 5th November 2019


3 out of 4 yields £200 for Tim Bull

Friday 25th October 2019


Llandrindod Wells visit to Kenilworth

Tuesday 17th September 2019


Ladies Autumn Open

Thursday 12th September 2019


Captains' Charity Auction - Four Ball Vouchers - Bidding Open

Tuesday 10th September 2019


2019 Club Champions

Sunday 7th July 2019


President Ann's Penultimate Fling

On Sunday 7th April a special lunch was held to honour Ann Saywell and to thank her for her contribution to the club as she approaches her retirement at the end of her 3 year term as President of the Club.

A gathering of nearly 40 people met for the lunch - consisting of members of Ann's family and club members who had worked with Ann during her term of office.  The chefs put on a superb buffet lunch which was thoroughly enjoyed by those attending.  This was evident from the plates piled high with food as they left the buffet and the empty plates collected by the staff on completion of the meal - not to mention the satisfied smiles on the faces of the diners as they sat back with a sigh - full to the gunnels - having also tucked away a sizeable slice of apple pie with what seemed like a half a gallon of custard to accompany it - Ann's favourite pud.  The staff were excellent too - gliding among the tables to keep the meal moving, delivering puds and coffees in their usual efficient manner - and dressed in their very smart outfits to boot - a credit to the club.

There were speeches to follow - there had to be on an occasion like this.  What follows provides something of a flavour of the eloquent speeches that were made - notes were not taken so only a flavour is possible (and where I can't quite remember exactly what was said I've made it up).

Chairman Charles Leggitt spoke first - thanking and praising Ann for her work at the club - not just over her 3 years as president but for all the work she had done in the past and the additional work she is still doing - organising social golf, organising ladies away days ... the list was long.  He summarised her tenure as President by saying that Ann started out being noteworthy as the Club's first woman President but completes her time being recognised purely as a great President.

Ron Saywell replied on behalf of the Bridesmaids - whoops - that was another time.  He began his speech / ramble by saying that he was pleased to announce that the finances of the club were very healthy - and then he realised he had pulled the wrong speech out of his pocket.  If you're interested you can hear that speech at the Club AGM on Thursday 11th.

He spoke of his time in support of Ann and gave us an insight of the life of the President's other half as well as the life of the President.  He was keen to point out that he hadn't had to start doing things like cleaning and ironing but had become well practised at taking messages.

Finally Ann stood up to speak - having the last word as usual.  She spoke of the honour of being President of the Club and of the pleasure and privilege of becoming one of a very small group of Past Presidents - naming Mike Hastings, Bryan Thomas, Brian Melling (and husband Ron) amongst others on the list.  She mused about the possibility of there being a Past President's Association - watch out chaps - if there isn't one yet it sounds like there might be one soon.  The main thing was that she had enjoyed her time as the Club's President - despite the one or two sticky issues with which she was faced.  Her last official duty will be at the Club AGM where she will chair the proceedings up to the point of her retirement and will then welcome in Jim McCarthy as her successor.

Thank you Ann,   It's good to know that although you are retiring from formal office you will still be around in the guise of an elder states person.

Ann in full flow

Engineer John was kept busy fixing Ann's grandson's car Watched by Emma, Ann & Ron


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