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Kenilworth: The course is open. trolleys and ride on buggies allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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£19381 for Zoe's Place !

Friday 28th August 2020


July Draw for 51 Club

Friday 31st July 2020


Mayor Richard Dickson visits Kenilworth Golf Club

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Kenilworth Golf Club - Open Again

Monday 18th May 2020


51 Club Draw April 2020

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Vice Captains 2020/21

Friday 8th November 2019


Luke Northwood - Warwickshire Champion of Champions

Tuesday 5th November 2019


3 out of 4 yields £200 for Tim Bull

Friday 25th October 2019


Llandrindod Wells visit to Kenilworth

Tuesday 17th September 2019


Ladies Autumn Open

Thursday 12th September 2019


Virtual Valentines Music Night with Lincoln Noel

Although there was no dancing cheek to cheek the members of Kenilworth Golf Club were able to enjoy an evening of entertainment from Lincoln Noel - a regular favourite - courtesy of Zoom - the new normal for social gatherings with social distancing.

Noel provided his usual high quality piano music and rippled through a number of well known and less familiar songs from opera, musicals, jazz, classical and pop music (do we still call it that?).  He even played a medley of one of Neil Diamond's songs.  He played requests as well as selecting from his repertoire.  He knew most songs or tunes that were requested - he had no perceptible printed music - his brain must contain countless Gigabytes of music or perhaps he just conjures the myriad of notes out of the ether as he goes along.

Some members enjoyed their Valentine Dinner by candle light as Lincoln played.  Others sat and listened.  Others got up to whatever they wanted to as they kept their video switched off and, thankfully, the audio muted too.

Despite the limitations due to the necessary disciplines for using Zoom the audience was able to play a part in the proceedings and Noel involved them in his usual way. His usual way, of course, meant him showing a total lack of the respect with which we common members treat our captains.  Captain Jan's elegant wall lights were likened to a shower head.  Perhaps that is a result of Noel's ageing eyes - or maybe he needs a screen with a better resolution. Perhaps he could invest in such a device once he has managed to save up for and purchase the bits of his piano which were missing when he played for us.

Proceedings were introduced by Captain Mark and he joined in the repartee with Noel throughout the evening in between mouthfuls of his Christmas Stilton which Sue informed us he was trying to finish before it ran away (or did she say oozed away?)  Simmo contributed in his usual way - need I say more?  Other contributions came and went as folk were picked on by Noel - all in all a very enjoyable evening.

Captain Jan thanked Noel at the end of the evening and thanked the members who had supported the event.  Our thanks go to the Captains for organising the evening - hopefully a foretaste of our transition back to a normal social life.

Lincoln finished with his own unique version of the "Bare Necessities" in which we were all encouraged to join in in a manner which may or may not be appropriate to describe here so won't be mentioned.  Suffice it to say that it brought the end of a memorable and enjoyable evening.

The Maestro - Noel Lincoln

The Audience - boxes came and went throughout the evening as did the videos of participants - popping off to the bar to refill their glasses perhaps?

Captain Jan thanked Lincoln for his entertaining performance


Yeah Man!


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