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Kenilworth: 23/01/22 The Course is Open, Trolleys and 1 seater buggies are allowed but 2 seater buggies are not permitted. The 11th hole has been shortened so please follow ropes to tee markers and please follow ropes around course where possible. Thank you
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Obtaining A Handicap

If you have never held a golf handicap you will need to submit cards for 54 holes and a brief summary of your playing history.  This information will be assessed by the committee and then a handicap will be awarded.

The 54 holes can be in any combination of 18 or 9 holes of golf, but must be played from the Yellow (Men) or Red (Ladies) Distance Measuring Posts.  Your round must be marked by another golfer who holds a current active handicap. 

You can submit your cards either as they are played or once all 54 holes are completed.  Please ensure that each card is dated, has your name, your markers name and handicap and is signed by both yourself and your marker (see below) and indicates that you played from the yellow course.

Also See KGC Rules of Play 

Cov19 Adjustments

Due to the Cov19 pandemic the requirement for the signature on a scorecard by more than one person has been relaxed.  The minimum requirement is that the player obtaining a handicap seeks verbal confirmation from the marker that the gross score for each hole is correct and then signs the card.  

In order for the marker to be able to verify that the gross scores are correct the marker will have to maintain a card during the round.  Therefore after verifying the scores the player and marker should sign the scorecards which they have recorded and submit a picture of both cards to   

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