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Kenilworth: 23/01/22 The Course is Open, Trolleys and 1 seater buggies are allowed but 2 seater buggies are not permitted. The 11th hole has been shortened so please follow ropes to tee markers and please follow ropes around course where possible. Thank you
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Playing Golf with the World Handicap System 

On Monday 2nd November WHS is introduced and you will no longer use your CONGU Handicap when playing golf.  The menu items on the left handside provide some information with regards to playing golf with your WHS Handicap. 

These pages will be updated during the next few weeks as we get used to the changes.

Important: Your Handicap Index is not the handicap that you play golf with.  Determine your Course Handicap from the Slope Charts posted at the club, from the club website or the igMember App.

If you have any questions after you have read the information provided please email and someone from the match and comps committee will get back to you. 

[Updated 28/10]

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