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Kenilworth: The course is open. Trolleys and single seater ride on buggies allowed. Two seater buggies are NOT allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Course Map

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Below is a short description from the professional of each hole .  For a longer description from a club golfer click here.

Hole 1 : A long straight drive short of the ditch is required on this testing opening hole. From the top of the hill a fairway wood or long iron is required to a deep green that subtly slopes from front to back.

Hole 2 : Another difficult hole especially early in the round. A long iron or fairway wood is required to a large two-tier green.

Hole 3 : The dog leg to the left on this hole suits a soft draw off the tee. From the top of the hill it is a short iron to a fairly flat putting surface. Good chance for a birdie here, especially off the yellow tees.

Hole 4 : This hole can either be a good birdie opportunity or a tough par depending on pin placement and wind direction. With the pin in the middle or front it is a mid iron to a generous green, however with the wind in your face and a back left pin position on this two tier green a 3 becomes a very good score.

Hole 5 : The hardest hole on the course. A drive to the top of the hill with either a long iron or fairway wood sets up a long approach to a tight entrance to this narrow tricky green. A very good test of your golf and a par is an extremely good result at any time in any conditions.

Hole 6 : The first par 5 on the course and a good birdie chance. For the long hitters the drive must be kept up the left hand side to allow a shot at the green.  A clever fairway bunker lurks 60 yards from the green for any wayward approaches.

Hole 7 : The shortest par 3 on the course and a good chance for a birdie but beware the big bunker at the front of the green that will catch any mishit approaches.  This is the hole where we hold challenge the pro competitions.

Hole 8 :  Another par 5 that for the long hitters can be reached in two. The drive should hug the left hand side due to the left to right sloping fairway.  Again watch out for the fairway bunker situated around 60 yards from the green.

Hole 9 : The dog leg to the left means that drives must be kept to the right to avoid being blocked out by the large trees.  A tight approach to an elevated green means the approach is tricky, especially as it is guarded with two difficult bunkers.

Hole 10 : A difficult par 3 to start the back 9. A long iron or fairway wood to a large undulating green with some very difficult pin positions especially front right.

Hole 11 : Longer hitters may have a go at this green but beware of the well placed bunker 40 yards from the green.  Go in there and you can kiss your birdie good-bye. Recommended play is an iron off the tee, leaving a wedge in to a fairly level putting surface.

Hole 12 : A slight dog leg to the right means a soft fade is perfect off the tee. The long hitters can reach this in two but again watch out for another of those sneaky fairway bunkers 50 yards from the green.

Hole 13 : Uphill all the way but a good chance if you can hit the fairway. Second shot with a middle iron means hitting the putting surface should be fairly straightforward.

Hole 14 : A real risk and reward hole. For the longer hitters the green is in range, however anything left will run into the ditch running the length of the hole and anything right is likely to be blocked out by trees.

Hole 15 : A tight drive on this dog leg left. A fairway bunker and trees guard the right side of the fairway with thick trees guarding the left side. Even with a good drive watch out for this green, big slopes and two tiers means this is normally the quickest on the course.

Hole 16 : The most difficult par 5 on the course. A drive down the right is a must because of the sloping fairway that runs to the left towards the out of bounds. Your second shot again must be hit up the right to this slightly elevated green with a clever bunker situated on the right hand side of the green.

Hole 17 : The final dogleg left means another soft draw is perfect off the tee. Watch out for a pin position near the front of this green as shots may spin back down the slope leaving a very difficult chip shot.

Hole 18 : A picturesque par 3 to finish. A mid iron to this large two tier green means a couple of clubs difference, depending on where the flag is positioned

To see a fly over video of the Par 3 course click here .

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