Kenilworth Golf Club

Friday 19th August 2022

Course Status

Kenilworth: The Course is OPEN Trolleys, 1 and 2 seater buggies are permitted. Updated: 1st Jun 2022

Kenilworth Front 9 Q:

Kenilworth Front 9 NQ:

Kenilworth Back 9 NQ:

Kenilworth Back 9 Q:

Par 3 Course: Course Open Updated: 25th Feb 2022

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Kenilworth Green Course :

Kenilworth Main Course:

Practice Area:

Green Course Back 9:

Green Course Front 9:

Two's Report for Member/Guest (Men)

Saturday 18th June 2022, White Tees, Kenilworth Main Course

Dave Bell (8)27th
Ismail Bhyat (5)24th
Adam Box (10)218th
Adam Box (10)27th
Liam Caldwell (16)210th
David Clark (11)22nd
Michael Coop (10)24th
Paul Cusick (10)210th
John Redfern Dibble (10)218th
John Redfern Dibble (10)214th
Paul Goonan (3)22nd
Jamie Hoare (13)27th
Maxwell Iveson (2)218th
Maxwell Iveson (2)24th
Richard Anthony Keegan (5)22nd
James Lamond (3)27th
Sean Leonard (18)27th
David Lord (12)22nd
Stuart Macleod (10)210th
Andrew Mair (4)24th
Keith Mair (7)24th
Adrian Penny (11)27th
Lewis Proctor (9)218th
Jonathan Rose (4)24th
Neil Sharples (14)24th
David Sheepy (17)118th
Jack Tregartha (23)210th
Ward Woodhead (9)27th

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