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Sunday 19th May 2024

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Kenilworth: Course OPEN with no restrictions —— Buggy and trolley users to keep left on the 5th Updated: 29th Apr 2024

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Hole 8


Pro's Tip

Another par 5 that for the long hitters can be reached in two. The drive should hug the left hand side due to the left to right sloping fairway.  Again watch out for the fairway bunker situated around 60 yards from the green.

Par Yards Stroke
5 500 13
5 488 13
5 453 7

Hole 8

Alternative Commentary

Not everyone plays the course the same way as a professional.
Here is an alternative commentary provided by a male, right handed Kenilworth member with a mid range handicap.

Another par 5 and this time you can see the green in the distance.  You are now playing across the hill which is another of Kenilworth’s special features.  For more than half of the rest of the course the fairway slopes sideways.  There’s no benefit in being left or right handed here either as some slope left to right and some slope right to left.

You’ll want your driver again and aim at the edge of the trees on the left hand side.  If you hit it well the ball will run down to the middle of the fairway.   If you go down the middle it will run to the right and end up in a belly which will block your view of the green.

The trees on the left are dense and you are not certain of finding your ball.  It will almost certainly cost you a shot if you go in as you may have to chip out sideways unless you are lucky and bounce back onto the fairway.

There is a ridge running diagonally across the fairway just where you might be thinking about laying up for a short iron approach.  If you are looking to land a shot in this area, try not to be on the upslope as it makes for a difficult stance,

The two front bunkers make a tight entrance and if you are coming in from distance it is probably wise to lay up short, especially when the flag is at the front.  Missing to the sides or back leaves an awkward chip, especially from the left out of the rough onto a down slope.  I hope you are on good terms with your lob wedge.

The green will almost certainly slope more than you think.  It is fast from back to front and turns left to right.  Learn from this as the turn down the hill is typical of many of the holes on the back nine.

Despite the higher stroke index, most lower handicappers find this a harder hole than the sixth.


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