Kenilworth Golf Club

Course Status

Kenilworth: The course is open. trolleys and ride on buggies allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

Current Events

£19381 for Zoe's Place !

Friday 28th August 2020


Mayor Richard Dickson visits Kenilworth Golf Club

Tuesday 19th May 2020


Kenilworth Golf Club - Open Again

Monday 18th May 2020


51 Club Draw April 2020

Tuesday 28th April 2020


Vice Captains 2020/21

Friday 8th November 2019


Luke Northwood - Warwickshire Champion of Champions

Tuesday 5th November 2019


3 out of 4 yields £200 for Tim Bull

Friday 25th October 2019


Llandrindod Wells visit to Kenilworth

Tuesday 17th September 2019


Ladies Autumn Open

Thursday 12th September 2019


Captains' Charity Auction - Four Ball Vouchers - Bidding Open

Tuesday 10th September 2019


World Handicap System - Handicap Index


What is a Handicap Index?

Golfers will consider the Handicap Index to be the most important element of the WHS. The Handicap Index will:



A Handicap Index is calculated from the best 8 scores from the last
20 rounds.

As a new score is submitted, a player’s Handicap Index will automatically update
to the most recent 20 scores. A player’s Handicap Index will update promptly
overnight after the submission of an acceptable score and be ready before the next
time they play.


How to obtain a Handicap Index?

When the new system comes into play most golfers can have a Handicap Index
generated, based on their existing records.
For new golfers to gain their Handicap Index they will have to submit a minimum of
54 holes (using any combination of 9 and 18 holes). Their Handicap Index will be
the lowest of their three rounds minus two strokes and continue to be built until the
20 scores are achieved.

How to safeguard a Handicap Index?

A Soft Cap and Hard Cap will be implemented to limit any extreme upward movement of a player’s Handicap Index within a 365-day period. This has been introduced to act as a safeguard to prevent any handicap manipulation. 

The Soft Cap will suppress movement by 50% after a 3.0 stroke increase over a player’s Low Handicap Index (see glossary of terms later in this toolkit). For clarity in this instance, a Low Handicap Index is the lowest Handicap Index a player has had during the previous 12-month period.

Caps only start to take effect once a player has at least 20 acceptable scores in their record. The Hard Cap will restrict upward movement on 5.0 strokes over the Low
Handicap Index. Restricting the extreme upward movement of a Handicap Index will ensure that a player’s temporary loss of form does not cause the Handicap Index to move too far away from their actual ability.

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