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Kenilworth: The course is open. Trolleys and single seater ride on buggies allowed. Two seater buggies are NOT allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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World Handicap System - How Does it Work


How Does WHS Work?

For golfers in England, calculating a new Handicap Index will be front of mind when
adopting the WHS. The process will begin in the same way throughout the world by accurately measuring a player’s golfing ability.


For regular golfers, this will be done by calculating the average of the eight best scores from the previous 20 rounds

For new golfers they will have to submit scorecards for 54 holes (3 x 18 holes, 6 x 9 holes or any combination) to the KGC Match and Comps committee.

From this they will be provided an initial Handicap Index. After a player has
achieved 20 scores, a ‘fully developed’ Handicap Index can be calculated to provide  the most accurate representation of a player’s ability.

To ensure a player has only one Handicap Index, the golfer will nominate a
home club. The home club is determined by the player, but for practicality it is
recommended this is where the player typically submits the most of their scores.

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