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Tuesday 18th June 2024

Course Status

Kenilworth: On Wednesday 19th June all play will resume from the 1st tee as normal. ——- Thank you for your paitience while drainage works have been carried out. Updated: 18th Jun 2024

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Course Handicaps and Playing Handicap Explained

Course Handicap

Before you play golf at any golf course you will need to determine your Course Handicap based on your current Handicap Index. 

This is done by looking up your Handicap Index on the Course Handicap table for the tees that you will be playing from and the number of holes being played (18 or 9).   When only playing nine holes there is a separate Course Handicap table for each of the front and back nines so ensure that you chose the correct chart.

All the Course Handicap tables for Kenilworth can be found  here

The Course Handicap is used to calcuate the Gross Adjusted Score* on each hole that you play. The sum of the Gross Adjusted Scores for each hole is the Gross score for your round and is used in the calculation of the score differential for your round.  The average of your best eight score differentials determines your Handicap Index.

Playing Handicap

The Playing Handicap determines the number of strokes each player gives or receives in various competition formats, to ensure that all players can enjoy a fair and equal game when playing with or competing against one another.

The Playing Handicap is used to create the scores for the competition leader board.

In a medal competion it is the playing handicap that is deducted from your gross score to give your nett score and determine the competition leader board.

In a stableford competition the playing handicap determines where you receive strokes to determine your points score on a hole for the purposes of the competiton leader board

In a match play competition the difference between Playing Handicaps determines the number of shots given/received by competitors in the match.

There are different allowances for different formats of golf.  Follow the Handicap Allowance menu item for more details.

VERY IMPORTANT: In all stroke play competitons it is the Course Handicap which is used to determine your the Gross Adjusted score for any hole. 

In a stableford competion you should only pick up when you have run out of shots based on your Course Handicap.

*Gross Adjusted Score

The maximum score for handicap purposes on a hole is a Nett Double Bogey i.e. Par plus strokes received plus 2.

For example if your Course Handicap is 18 and you take 9 shots on the 8th hole (Par 5, SI 13) your Gross Adjusted Score will be 8 shots

Par 5 + 1 stroke + 2 = 8

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