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Sunday 19th May 2024

Course Status

Kenilworth: Course OPEN with no restrictions —— Buggy and trolley users to keep left on the 5th Updated: 29th Apr 2024

Kenilworth Front 9 Q:

Kenilworth Front 9 NQ:

Kenilworth Back 9 NQ:

Kenilworth Back 9 Q:

Par 3 Course: Course Open Updated: 8th Nov 2022

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Kenilworth Green Course :

Kenilworth Main Course:

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Ladies Green Course:

Playing Golf Under WHS - FAQs

Q: How do I find out my Handicap Index?

A: From Monday 2nd November your Handicap Index will be displayed on the My Rounds page selected from the My Golf menu item above.  You can also get your Handicap Index on the igMember App or from the England Golf website if you register with them.

Q: My Handicap Index is lower than my current handicap. Why is that?

A: Your handicap index is the handicap that you would play with on the ideal course.  In order to find out the handicap that you will have when playing off a specific set of tees at Kenilworth please look at the Course Handicap Tables  and find out your course handicap based on your handicap Index.

Q: What do I do now that I have my Handicap Index?

A: In order to know the handicap that you use to calculate the number of strokes available you need to look at the  Course Handicap Table  for the tees that you will play off at the club to determine your Course Handicap.

Q: I have not been given a Handicap Index. Why is this and what do I do.

A: You will not have a Handicap Index if you have not consented to the upload of your personal data to the England Golf site.  To check if you have consented see the information below.  If you have consented to the upload, please contact the M&C team via and they will investigate.

Q: How do I know if I have consented to the transfer of my personal data so that I will issued with a Handicap Index by England Golf?

A:  Select My Rounds under the My Golf Menu option and then Select the red WHS Privacy button.  If you have already provided consent you will see something similar to the following.  If you have not consented there will be two option buttons to select.

Q: As I now have a Handicap Index, a Course Handicap and a Playing Handicap which one do I record on my scorecard?

A: In order to comply with the rules of golf and to avoid disqualification from a competition or the rejection of a pre-registered social score, you must record your course handicap on your scorecard.  Scorecards will be updated so that all three handicap figures can be recorded.

Q: How do I know what allowance to use for my playing handicap?

A: Playing handicaps for various formats of golf can be found on the Handicap Allowances page of the club website

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