Kenilworth Golf Club

Sunday 29th May 2022

Course Status

Kenilworth: 02/05/22 The Course is OPEN Trolleys, 1 and 2 seater buggies are permitted. Updated: 2nd May 2022

Kenilworth Front 9 Q:

Kenilworth Front 9 NQ:

Kenilworth Back 9 NQ:

Kenilworth Back 9 Q:

Par 3 Course: Course Open Updated: 25th Feb 2022

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Par 3 Course:

Kenilworth Green Course :

Kenilworth Main Course:

Practice Area:

Green Course Back 9:

Green Course Front 9:

Handicap Allowances

Depending on the format of golf that you are playing there are different allowances (similar to the 90% adjustment for 4BBB match play today) 

The allowances under WHS are as shown below. 

A playing handicap for a course handcap for the main formats of play can be see here

For Four Ball matches strokes allowances are callculated as the full difference between 90% of course handicap

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