Kenilworth Golf Club

Course Status

Kenilworth: 23/01/22 The Course is Open, Trolleys and 1 seater buggies are allowed but 2 seater buggies are not permitted. The 11th hole has been shortened so please follow ropes to tee markers and please follow ropes around course where possible. Thank you
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Course Rating Information

Tee Name Length Gender


Slope Rating





White 6285 Men 71.0/134 35.6/130 35.4/137
Yellow 6092 Men 70.1/133 35.0/132 35.1/133
Green 5858 Men 69.3/125 34.8/127 34.5/123
Red 5601 Women 73.0/133 36.4/131 36.6/135

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Note: The front and back nine Course Handicap table are labled as Playing Handicap but are actually Course Handicap.  This will be corrected by England Golf in the near future

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