Kenilworth Golf Club

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Kenilworth: The course is open. Trolleys and single seater ride on buggies allowed. Two seater buggies are NOT allowed.
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Scorecard Examples

Under the Rules of Golf Rule 3.3b requires players to be responsible for ensuring that their Course Handicap and the gross score for each hole are completed as well as being signed by the player*.   

Where preprepared cards are not issued for competitons, the committee delegates the responsibility to the player for completing the following information on the card:

Competition Name; Date; Player Name and CH; Marker Name and CH; gross scores for each hole.   

Completion of points and round totals are optional (although very useful to the committee) but in the event of any discprepancy the gross score recorded for an individual hole takes precedence and is the score that a player has signed for.  

Important: For a qualifying stableford competition you should only pick up when you have no more strokes based on your Course Handicap not your Playing Handicap. 

Medal Scorecard Stableford Scorecard

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Note: Under COV19 adjustments only the players signature is required on the card after scores have been verbally agreed with their marker. The score recorded in the Marker column is the score of the player for whom Player A is acting as marker.

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