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Kenilworth: 23/01/22 The Course is Open, Trolleys and 1 seater buggies are allowed but 2 seater buggies are not permitted. The 11th hole has been shortened so please follow ropes to tee markers and please follow ropes around course where possible. Thank you
Par 3 Course: Course Open

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Acceptable scores are processed everyday at around midnight.  Every acceptable score that is played on a particular day is used in the Play Conditions Calculation (similar to the Competition Standard Scratch adjustment today).    If your score has not been entered it will not be used as part of this calculation.

If you play an accepable score round you should ensure that your score is entered as soon as possible after you come off the course.  

Remember - Play Today Post Today

An acceptable score is score from an authorised format of play which meets all the provisions set out within the Rules of Handicapping. Authorised formats are individual stroke play rounds either as part of an organised competition or as a pre-registered social score.    

Your score from either of the above can be entered via the igMember App or at the terminal in the club house foyer.  If using the terminal please ensure that you sanatize your hands before and after use. 

If you enter your score via the terminal please also remember to send a picture of the card to  When using the igMember App please upload the scorecard picture via the app.

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